Here are some promotional photos I took for the upcoming production of Medea by the Onomatopoeia Theater Company. Full disclosure this beautiful woman is one of my best friends, and yes, she is terrifying when she wants to be. The last two images were inspired by Kali the Goddess of Destruction. 

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Boss Ladies

Hopefully the first in a series of portraits of amazing women…. Daniela Soto-Innes is the Chef de Cuisine at Cosme in NYC and a recipient of the James Beard Rising Star Award. Also pictured: Calamari and Sunchoke Salad.

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Colors of La Habana

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Snacks at Pujol


The snacks or “botanas” at Pujol in Mexico City: little bursts of flavor to start off the tasting menu.

Photo on the left: Elote con mayonesa de hormiga chicatana, café, chile costeño (Baby corn with Ant Mayonnaise)

On the right clockwise from top: Vaina de escamole (pea pod with ant larvae), Oreja de cerdo (pig ear), Bocol Huasteco, Tostada de chía 

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Storm King

It’s always fun when real life imitates art… I took this picture at Storm King Art Center and it felt so familiar and then I realized it was almost identical to an image on the opening credits of my favorite TV show Six Feet Under. You can see the image here. 

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